Agitator bead mill reactor for molecular synthesis by mechanochemistry in continuous flow

To achieve cleaner, safer, and more efficient transformations in the pharma and chemical industry minimizing the use of hazardous solvents and reducing energy consumption is pivotal.

Reduces energy consumption with an inductively heated agitator 

The WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR from WAB-GROUP® is an innovative agitator bead mill reactor in the field of flow chemistry. Featuring a horizontal reaction chamber, it is optimal for efficient mass transfer and activation of chemical reactions. An inductively heated agitator employs impact bead milling for high and uniform mechanical energy input and surface renewal of the reactants. Additionally, an induction heater arranged around the stirring elements enables direct heating of the reactants up to +160 °C. It integrates the power of three WAB technologies into one single reactor: the DYNO®-ACCELERATOR, the patented DYNO®-DISC BC, and the DYNO®-DISC KD agitator discs.  

The technology is ideal for both passage and circuit operation and can be used for liquid as well as viscous, pumpable products and heterogeneous catalysts. It is scalable to meet industry requirements from g/h up to tons/h. Due to its cooling properties, the reactor can be utilized in exothermic reactions, in addition to its application in endothermic processes. 


  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Process intensification reduces costs
  • Scalable to industrial sizes
  • Less solvents
  • Better yield and selectivity

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