What you need to know about coffee bagging

Coffee is one of the most beloved beverages worldwide, while coffee processing is actually very human-intensive and requires lots of expertise. Packaging plays an very important role in the coffee production process as coffee is quite sensitive to the exposure of air or other external factors. The right package can not only preserve the flavour and the quality of your products on the journey to consumers’ home but also speed up your coffee production process.

What you need to know about coffee bagging

Key factors to consider for bagging your coffee

After delicately roasting and sometimes grinding, the green coffee has turned into aromatic brown beans and ready to release its flavour. Packaging is really essential as it needs to keep the coffee beans or coffee products fresh and maintain the flavours. Since coffee is really sensitive to external factors such as sun, oxygen or humidity, most formats of package comes with a metalized or aluminum barrier to protect the content. Some pouches or bags will equip with a degassive valve, which will let CO2 out of the bag for the roasted beans.

Filling coffee products into bags

When it comes to filling process, it is important to consider the bag design because it can significantly facilitate or slacken the process. For example, if you plan to hand-fill your coffee bags, it is recommended that you choose a bag style that has a wide enough top opening to accommodate your scoop or filling apparatus. On the other hand, automated coffee packaging equipment offers almost unlimited bag options including flat bottom bags, and quad seal bags.

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