Two steps to stop formula deviation in CBD Gummies

One of the attractive qualities of cannabinoids is that they keep our stress responses in equilibrium. But for formulators of CBD gummies, preparing the candy pieces is a test of anxiety.

Once the carefully-blended formula leaves the mixing tank for molding, ingredient ratios may start deviating, distorting the content structure in the final gummies. The discrepancy is especially problematic for broad-spectrum and full-spectrum recipes where the makeup of active ingredients is even more critical.

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Cut the syrup tail to regulate the dose

This issue of deviation is not a formulation flaw but an engineering pitfall. The depositing step causes ‘tailing’ that, cycle after cycle, accumulates into sharp dosage irregularities.

The syrup base is naturally prone to dribble from the nozzles during depositing, creating a tail, which leads to wastage and recipe imperfections. So, as a manufacturer, you don’t have control of the formula unless you can manage the depositing process.

The confectionery experts at Baker Perkins, a food processing technology supplier, studied tailing in CBD gummy production and identified two main causes. First, the inaccurate surface contact of the depositing nozzles and, second, the irregular movement of the mold mechanism.

Formula in, formula out

Based on these observations, the engineering team redesigned the depositing systems in their solutions to drastically minimize the tailing effect.

A precision-fit nozzle addresses the first challenge. The Baker Perkins nozzles seal around the mold openings, preventing any dribbling of syrup while depositing. The second issue is answered by a servo-controlled mechanism that lifts and lowers the molds in a steady motion to break the tail.

Manufacturers take pride in creating CBD recipes that produce unique sensory and functional profiles. But the proof of the formula is in the gummy.

By keeping the tailing effect in check, you ensure that the ratios incorporated into the mix are equivalent to those coming off the mold.

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