Taming the respiration and biological activity of cashews

The plant-based food market is forever grateful to cashews, from which many cheeses, dressings, yogurts, and ice creams are produced offering an alternative to dairy products. 

However, storing and transporting them can prove to be a rather ungrateful task because you have to consider the biological activity and respiration of the nuts, which can lead to quicker deterioration, a decrease in freshness, and shorter storage life. In addition, you must consider their ability to absorb odors from other commodities stored nearby. 

Halt the processes with MAP 

Masterpack thankfully has sought to resolve these issues with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), which allows you to control the levels of Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Carbon Dioxide inside big bags. By reducing the Oxygen levels to 1-2% you can put a stop to the metabolic processes of your cashews that occur after harvesting.  

You have to keep in mind that for storing the kernels for a long time, a water content of 4.5-6% is recommended to reduce the biological activity of the cashew nut. Therefore, the cashews should be properly dried before storing them. You should also keep the relative humidity inside the bags around 55-65% because excessive dryness may lead to breakage of the nuts. On the other hand, humidity values higher than 70% allow the development of bacteria, mold, or the production of poisonous aflatoxin.  

Luckily, with the technology from Masterpack, you can control the relative humidity and create a perfect environment for the nuts, guaranteeing your cashews a longer shelf-life. By being airtight, MAP also safeguards your cashews from various odors, ensuring a fresh taste and smell to your product. 

In addition, using MAP for storing and transporting your nuts prevents mold, kills insects, and reduces auto-oxidation. Therefore, the overall quality of your nuts is protected from pests, fungi, and rancidity. 

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