Vacuum and Gas Injection System for FIBCs

Products packed in large bulk bags, such as FIBCs, require vacuum pressure and accurate oxygen or nitrogen content control. Modifying the atmosphere inside the packaging by lowering oxygen levels to 1% or less can protect the products from molds and other microorganisms, as well as insects and rodents, resulting in a prolonged product shelf life.

Creating an atmosphere with oxygen levels below 1% inside your bulk bags

The Vacuum and Gas Injection Machine, from Somsix, is a system used to create the optimum atmosphere conditions inside FIBCs or large bags during the packaging of bulk products. The unit allows the operator to create a vacuum and insert the necessary gases in a single cycle to increase productivity. The procedure is done by removing air from a sealed container before injecting essential gases like oxygen, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide into that container. It can also reduce oxygen levels in FIBCs down to 1% or lower in a very short time.

The system has an integrated leak test at the end of each cycle to automatically check for possible leaks in every bag. This feature prevents costly and time-consuming errors. The entire system is built based on food-grade standards guaranteeing hygienic operation.


  • Automated settings allow easy operation
  • Better quality control with integrated leak test
  • Vacuum and gas injection in one cycle provides better productivity
  • Food-grade standards, hygienic
  • Capable of reducing oxygen levels down to 1% or lower

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