Automatic FIBC Sealing machine

When sealing large bags containing bulk products, a sealer must be reliable to keep the MAP safe in order to avoid products going to waste due to subpar sealing quality. Manual operation for sealing is still very common in the industry, but it is prone to error and inconsistent output. Automating the sealing process can minimize operator error and produce consistently secured sealing.

Automated complete sealing by single-button operation

The Automatic Spout Sealer, from Somsix, is a sealing system for large bags used in industrial applications. The system features automated, user-friendly controls where the sealing settings can be preset for a consistent output in every cycle. This method significantly reduces operator error over manual hand-operated sealers. The operator simply positions the spout in the seal mouth and presses one button to execute the sealing process, including the cooling necessary after heating for a complete and secured seal.


  • User-friendly controls allow easy operation
  • Automated settings allow pre-set operation for anyone to operate the machine anytime
  • One-button activation for complete sealing
  • Leak detection provides error-free output
  • Available as mobile or fixed operation unit

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