Sieving black soldier fly for insect-based feed

The growth of the world population necessitates the search for alternative protein feed sources. Insect protein powder processing arises as new laws and regulations permit animal and human consumption of insects. Black Soldier Fly (BSF) becomes popularized among insect-based animal feed and food manufacturers, considering its high potential for the circular economy. BSF can convert organic food waste to its own body mass, which has high protein value, making BSF a sustainable alternative to traditional protein sources.


Challenge of BSF larvae separation

Black soldier fly larvae consume organic food waste, which is turned into protein, insect oil, and frass. Manual separation of larvae can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Oftentimes protein products also require a high level of hygiene and safety during production. Therefore, accurate, fast and conditioned screening solution is highly sought after among BSF manufacturers. Russell Finex has successfully supported customers in the insect process industry with its cost-effective separating sieve, proving that BSF is ideal for producing insect meals.

How to automatically sieve BSF larvae

Scaling up production can be challenging without the support of processing technologies. Sieving BSF for insect-based feed requires accuracy, efficiency, and low maintenance, considering black soldier fly larvae characteristics. This screening and separation solution from Russell Finex guarantees a significant increase in throughput and cost-effectiveness. Its features, such as ease of operation and transportation, allow scaling up BSF production.

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