Enter the world of relaxation by making sleep gummies

While the demand for botanical sleep aids is rising, it’s creating more space for newcomers in the market. Traditional sleep remedies like teas, tablets, and capsules are now being joined by gummies. They are becoming popular for their convenience, but the experts at Tanis pointed out to us that compared to traditional gummies, their production requires adjustments.

Solve the sweet dilemma of sleep gummies

There is a list of challenges, but for every problem, Tanis has a solution. As sleep and relaxation botanical supplements typically come in powder form, it could lead to increased viscosity in the candy mass. Therefore you have to optimize the formula to achieve the desired viscosity for seamless depositing.

Additionally, you have to look out for heat sensitivity since certain botanicals can degrade when you expose them to heat. This could result in compromised efficacy or undesirable flavors. In addition to formulation secrets, the candy-making pioneers at Tanis know how to tackle all the heat-related concerns.
Keep an eye on the appearance of your gummies, especially for botanicals like valerian and ashwagandha, which yield dark brown powders, resulting in dark brown gummies. Therefore you must determine suitable coloring and flavoring strategies to maintain visual appeal and taste.

Understand the primary traits of the supplements

Tanis food technologists also told us about the key properties of the supplements. For example, valerian aids in falling asleep faster and improving sleep quality. Chamomile can tackle various health issues and promote relaxation, while ashwagandha is valued for its stress-reducing and anxiety-alleviating properties.

Quite similar to valerian, lavender has calming effects and promotes a night of restful sleep. Last but not least lemon balm combines well with other herbs to reduce anxiety and aid sleep.

The expertise from Tanis is just what you need to make your gummy-making process more relaxed. Therefore you don’t even need to take the supplements yourself!

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