Inspect all types of tomatoes with speed up to 100 tons per hour.

Nowadays customers expect their food not only to be safe but also to look good. They do not want to find a green or a rotten piece of tomato in the pasta jar. to prevent this from happening tomato processing companies use inspection equipment that rejects everything that does not look like a perfect tomato.

Inspect all types of tomatoes with speed up to 100 tons per hour.

Inspection of unpeeled and peeled tomatoes

Nowadays technologies allow you to inspect several types of tomatoes on one machine. For example, unpeeled and peeled tomatoes can be inspected on one machine with the speed up to 100 tons per hour on unpeeled tomatoes. It is an important step in production as it sorts out both foreign objects (from mice and frogs to pieces of wood and stones) and tomatoes that are not good enough for processing.

The processing of tomatoes as well as seeds from the tomato will involve various steps as well as various pieces of equipment and machinery.

Inspection for processed tomatoes

If a company works with diced, crushed tomatoes or tomato pulp, it also needs an inspection machine. Rotten, yellow, or green pieces, as well as foreign objects, should not end up in the customerĀ“s jar. This is especially important for ketchup processing as well as making tomato sauce. The speed of the equipment, in this case, will be up to 18 tons per hour. Optical inspection successfully detects and takes out everything that does not belong to the product.

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