Wrap-around case packer for cans or bottles

When it comes to beer packaging, most of the manufacturers use plain box cartons. Being able to produce something as unique as custom-shaped cartons with an appealing design is ideal for satisfying customers and following the latest trends in the market.

Packing products into wraparound packaging, display and tray cartons

The Baumer Wrap-Around is a carton packing system designed to pack bottles or cans into display cartons, tray cartons, and wrap-around cartons – those can be regular or custom-shaped, with a convenient plastic free handle for easy transport. It has an external cardboard magazine with an ergonomic position for effortless loading of the operator. Besides, the system has a patented three-arms pickup system using suction cups for easy pickup of cartons of varying thickness. The controls are done through a touch screen panel with production data and information on machine operation. It permits format changeovers allowing changing configuration in seconds and can be selected from the operator panel, making the machine automatically set up for new products. The production capacity can go as high as 80 cartons per minute.


  • Can pack using cardboards of different thickness
  • Extremely reduced and easy maintenance operation
  • High production capacity at 80 cartons per minute
  • Configurable operation from a touch screen panel
  • Quick format changeover

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