Mixing tanks for liquid cosmetic products

When producing liquid solutions for cosmetics, such as eyeshadow, it’s vital to keep the raw ingredients in perfect condition before they are brought together. A dedicated storage solution with mixing facility eliminates sedimentation in the liquids, thus maintaining the highest end-product quality.

Vertical mixing tanks with individual stations for liquid cosmetics

The MSC 5V from Lorenzato is a dedicated mixing tank solution for liquid cosmetics.

Supplied with 5 or more individual stations, the MSC 5V allows for variable mix control to each tank. The stainless steel tanks feature manual dosing valves and have a capacity of 25 litres each.

The control unit features a simple push-button operation for ease of operation.


  • Prevents sedimentation in thick, creamy or foamy cosmetic liquids
  • 5 or more independent tanks to meet your exact requirements
  • Stainless steel construction for easy cleaning
  • Simple control interfaces for ease-of-use

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