Vision inspection system for tablets and capsules

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare product manufacturers dealing with oral solid products such as tablets and capsules need fool-proof quality inspection to assure product safety. Although a traditional 2D quality system caters to 100% inspection, it may fail to identify some defects in the product. This can lead to approval of damaged products and hamper consumer safety. A 3D system giving real-time quality control in all 3 dimensions of the whole batch of products offers a reliable and dependable solution to that.

Integrated 2D/3D solution for inspection of a range of tablets and capsules

Harle 2D/3D vision system from SEA VISION identifies even the slightest of differences in size, shape, color and integrity of the products it inspects. It can control oral solid products such as white and colored tablets, uncoated tablets and pills, monochromatic capsules and bicolored capsules.

The vision system compares the dimensions of the test image with the reference values and signals the machine to discard non-compliant products. It can be integrated with any type of counting, filling and thermoformer machine to generate an accurate product rejection signal. The system of LED projectors enables Harle3D to control the height of each product that passes under the cameras. The 3D control facilitates the identification of faults like a decapped tablet or a crushed capsule, which traditional 2D systems may not identify, as only the undamaged side may get inspected.

Multi-product management facilitates checks on products that may be disposed in different positions on the vibrating plates. The vision system delivers real-time controls effectively measurable in milliseconds. It is supplied with an arrangement of optics and LED illuminators to suit the product, application, machine and material. The complete inspection avoids risks of product mix-up and assures its safety while minimizing waste. Harle3D can be installed only in conjunction with Harle2D.


  • Suitable to be integrated with any type of counting, filling and thermoformer machine
  • Control of defects in all 3 dimensions of the product
  • 100% inspection of all defects in real-time
  • Can be further combined with HarleNIRc for chemical inspection of the product
  • System compliant with FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11