Vertical pressure leaf filters

Reliable and low maintenance filtration of fluids with high dirt load is essential to many industries. From chemicals to energy production to edible oils, product quality is often dependent on an efficient filtration process.

A filtration system for high solid content liquids with high filtration area and minimal vessel size

Parker Twin Filter’s Vertical Pressure Leaf filters use a series of vertically positioned filter plates in a completely closed vertical or horizontal tank. The plates contain a filter medium that is tailored to the application. As dirty fluid flows through the medium over the plates toward the tank outlet, solids are left behind in the medium forming filter cake which must be periodically removed. Filter leaves are of a robust 5-ply wire mesh design. The filter units are designed for either batch or continuous filtration processes and are tailored to each customer application.


  • Integrated drain nozzle and manifold support bracket
  • High quality construction materials with structural reinforcement
  • Excellent cake drying and discharge
  • Low pressure drop