Tray former for various tray formats including trays with corner constructions

If you are looking to increase your supply of cardboard boxes or save your costs by packaging your own products, you need a faster, more efficient and economical tray forming solution. These solutions should be able to produce trays of varying formats alongside being able to erect columns on the edges to protect the contents.

Multi-function tray former with the ability to erect columns

Boix’s FP-4/2M series of tray formers are automatic and adjustable machines to erect and glue trays of multiple formats. It has the ability to produce four different variations depending on tray format. It can be used for trays with open or closed columns. It allows you to change exit direction in three different ways. Moreover, they have the possibility to add kits to increase functionality. It provides you with 6 output speeds between 1100 and 2100 trays per hour.


  • Automatic supply of blanks to the standard feeder
  • Reduced material costs
  • Save labour costs
  • Save space of operation