Thermogradient table for seed tests

Seed germination performance relies on factors such as seed type, cleanliness level, and in particular temperature. Having the right temperature promotes seed germination. Testing the seeds’ germination performance using one specific temperature at a time would take many trials and is a time-consuming task without the proper equipment. With a system that can test each type of seed in different temperature conditions simultaneously, you can save time finding the right germination temperature.

Testing germination performance in different temperatures simultaneously

The QGM-4300 Seed Thermogradient Table from Seed Processing Holland is a seed germination system that can apply different temperatures for each type of seed simultaneously. It is used in determining the optimum germination temperature and germination speed of seeds and seed pellets.

The system is suitable for research and development purposes where different types of seeds are tested to determine germination percentage and speed of the first 50 percent of seeds. It is also used to determine the optimum dormancy-restoring treatment temperature, and to determine germination percentage and speed after a deterioration test.

The temperature is measured by temperature sensors that are positioned in a way that you can see the germination percentage. A digital display at the front of the table is provided for the temperature reading. The cooling and heating system can set temperatures between 5 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius in a room with an average ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.


  • Temperature settings (minimum 5 deg. °C to maximum 40 deg. °C)
  • High quality insulated materials and coated tabletop to prevent corrosion
  • Saves time in analyzing seed germination performance
  • Saves time in analyzing seed germination performanceAccurate temperature display