Thermoforming vacuum and pressure machine for tray production

Thermoforming is the process of converting a plain plastic foil into a three-dimensional shape by applying air pressure, vacuum, and heat. It is a relatively inexpensive method that allows the manufacturing of single-use plastic trays that can be used for different purposes. Thus, it is essential to use a thermoforming machine that’s cost-effective for both low and high productions.

Producing plastic trays in a short time

Innovatively engineered by Hamer Pack, TVP 35 and TVP 64 feature separate stations for die-cutting, thermoforming, and vertical stacking of the finished product. The models are suitable for the production of long and medium runs of small packages and trays, and are ideal for several different sectors, including retails products, personal care and food.

Furthermore, the machines are designed with a stainless steel motorized roller shutter, ceramic resistances, and a fixed heater to regulate the area of radiation. This also prevents overheating of the area, resulting in improved cycle efficiency.

The vertical stacking station of the machines further reduces tooling cost and adjustment time. Lastly, the machines also prevent heat dissipation, thus reducing electrical consumption.



  • Pressure forming enables to produce more detailed pieces
  • Vertical stacking station saves adjustment time and reduces tooling costs
  • Additional punching station can be installed
  • PLC operated, and touch-screen controlled system ensures ease of use

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