Suppository filling machine

Small-to-medium scale production of suppositories using pre-formed shells can be slow where manual filling is used. An automated filling solution that can operate within a range of dose volumes and maintain accurate temperature control of the melted mass can therefore bring significant value. Increasing throughput while maintaining or increasing product quality can take your suppository production ahead of the competition.

Automatic doser for suppositories

The R-MND 6000 from Multigel is an automatic filler for pre-formed suppository shells. It works perfectly with the Multigel S-MND6000 sealing machine.

The machine features a dosing unit that has two peristaltic pumps for filling liquids and an adjustable heated stainless-steel dosage valve. The dosage range available is variable up to 15ml, and a range of dosing heads is available to meet your exact needs.

Reels of empty suppository cells are manually placed on a feeding disk. From here they are automatically fed to the dosing station. They are then automatically collected on the output disk. An optional cooling unit is available where rapid cooling of the dose is desired. Filled reels are then able to be transferred to a sealing machine (the Multigel S-MND 6000).

The R-MND 6000 features a product hopper heated via a water jacket. This allows for precise temperature control, and in combination with the fitted impeller, keeps the molten mass consistent and homogenised throughout the batch.

Featuring touchscreen controls and GMP design, the R-MND 6000 meets all regulatory requirements and is easy to clean and maintain thanks to stainless steel AISI 316 construction and FDA-approved materials.


  • Full temperature control of the molten compounds ensuring consistency and quality
  • Reel-based system for rapid loading and unloading
  • Wide dosage range available to meet your exact requirements
  • Full GMP design with FDA-approved materials
  • Easily combines with S-MND 6000 to complete a suppository production line