Start-up sterile filling line for ophthalmics

Commencing ophthalmic production requires sterile conditions and accurate metering when filling and sealing eye-drop containers.

Fill and cap eye-drop bottles with high-quality rotary filler

The MI-O series by i-Dositecno is designed for start-up installations and is able to fill larger bottles of up to 80 mm diameter at speeds of 3,000 bottles per hour and smaller bottles, up to 26 mm diameter, at rates of up to 6,000 bottles per hour.

With up to 4 heads, it can dose 1 to 500 ml of ophthalmic liquids into the bottles. Filling options include peristaltic, stainless steel rotary, ceramic rotary or CIP/SIP rotary pumps. Totally built in AISI 304 stainless steel, the dispensing nozzles are smooth with the special rugosity required for handling sterile products.

Caps are introduced by servo-controlled pick and place and then screwed on using a pneumatic system. The quality detection system rejects any empty or partly filled bottles as well as any uncapped bottles.



  • Base model for filling ophthalmic liquids
  • Easy sterilization using H2O2
  • No product spillage or part-filled bottles
  • Integrated weighing and quality control
  • Built to cGMP and FDA standards