Sponge cake cooling tunnel

Exposed baked goods can develop bacteria from the circulating air in an area if left in the open for long. Goods that do not spend enough time cooling off may also warp and leak their contents if handled too soon. A suitable approach to handling the cooling process and moving the items forward is necessary for a successful preparation process.

Prevent bacteria, humidity, and external threats using active UV treatment

The TT Italy Sponge Cake Cooling Tunnel is an alternative to a traditional cooling conveyor. The tunnel has a small indoor space for cooling the product. The indoor environment ensures the right conditions for cooling the cakes, plus it keeps the humidity level in check.
Besides the above, the indoor environment also prevents outside bacteria from entering the cakes. The active UV treatment inside the tunnel cleans the air and provides an accurate space for cooking purposes. The design is different from cooling spirals, as it supports the proper alignment of all items. The design ensures the products stay in their proper location, allowing for an easier and safer approach to adding a filling or other topping.


  • Suitable for cakes of all sizes
  • Automatic washing and drying of the conveyor
  • Customizable lengths and widths are available
  • Insulation ensures outside humidity and temperatures do not enter

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