Small-scale biogas upgrading system

Biogas upgrading refers to the process of purifying biogas through separating methane from carbon dioxide and other gases. The purified biogas, also known as renewable natural gas or biomethane, can be injected into a gas distribution network or used as vehicle fuel. If you need to upgrade biogas produced from organic wastes such as cow manure and wastewater, you need a solution which can easily be integrated with your existing biogas plant.

Proven membrane technology ensures high methane recovery

Innovatively designed by Bright Biomethane, PurePac Mini can fit inside one sustainable housing. The unit’s pre-treatment, membrane separation, and compressor are all fitted inside one 40 ft. container. It can create a biogas flow of 30 to 65 Nm3/hr, making it ideal for small scale biomethane production and gas grid injection.

The small-scale biogas upgrading system uses highly efficient membranes to separate methane from biogas, which ensures a methane recovery of more than 99.5% and less than 0.5% of methane loss, making it more efficient than any other biogas purification systems.

Moreover, the unit can be used to purify gas to the desired methane concentration, according to the specific grid and user requirements. Suitable for use in agricultural industries and wastewater treatment plants, PurePac Mini provides a robust design, optimal gas cleaning, and a state-of-the-art patented control system.


  • More than 99.5% yield of methane
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Modular unit allows easy on-site installation
  • High-quality components and smart design reduce maintenance costs and lower energy consumption