Skin packaging machine

Skin packaging is when a product is placed on a tray or a paperboard with a thin layer of plastic placed over. The skin packaging of meat and cheese is an excellent product option that offers numerous product advantages to end-users and retailers . It allows longer shelf-life and gives consumers a clear view of the entire product.

Increase the shelf life and freshness of meats

The SKIN packaging machine by Colimatic creates a vacuum pack that fits around the product like a second skin and protects it from airborne microorganisms. The vacuum pack consists of rigid bottom support that’s sealed with a top film. This ensures a well-maintained product shape, maximizes shelf-life, and prevents any liquid leakage.

Suitable for smoked foods, frozen meals, fresh and processed meat, poultry, cheese, and seafood, it further enables retailers to extend the product’s shelf life by virtually eliminating ice crystals. Along with improving the quality of the meat and cheese, skin packaging also presents the product in a better way, which helps in attracting customers. Tailor-made for unparalleled customization, this model is also compatible with a wide range of accessories and devices.


  • Sloped surfaces allow quick and easy washdown
  • Compatible with numerous automatic product loading systems
  • User-friendly and simplified design allows easier access for service and maintenance
  • Attractive pack has easy-peel packaging

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