Single-use containment valve

Safe transfer of liquids and hazardous powders into systems can be a challenge in pharma, biopharma and chemical industries. That’s because the slightest possibility of exposure or spillage could cause cross-contamination. Butterfly valves are expensive and clumsy to operate. Technicians require a better solution that is cheaper, faster and easy to operate.

Disposable Transfer System for Safe Powders and Liquids Transfer

Ezi-Dock EZI_FLOW™ CSV4 all-plastic valves are a simple, effective solution for transferring liquids and powders in the pharma and biopharma sphere. Their innovative design delivers the ultimate combination of high containment and low cost. They are suitable for reactor charging, extruder charging, powder filling lines and many other applications.

The operator offers up a charge bag containing liquid or powder to the EZI_FLOW™ all-plastic valve. They turn a toggle lever next, to securely attach these parts together. After they have achieved a contained seal they release the charge bag contents through the valve.


  • High performance valve for secure liquid and powder transfers
  • Available in four- and six inch versions for fast, full-bore discharge
  • Four- to five-times cheaper than industry-standard butterfly valves
  • Single use, multi-purpose device ensuring fast, trouble-free supply