Seed Pelleting Machine

Seed pelleting or encrusting is the addition of materials like powders and liquids to seeds to increase their size, shape, and weight. These processes are usually used for irregularly shaped or small seeds, such as carrots, onions, and lettuce to make planting easier and more efficient. Along with enhancing seed quality, the process also reduces seed production cost. However, there are very few seed pelleting machines that ensure uniform, heavy, and perfectly round seeds for precision-sowing in the field.

Achieve a more efficient seeding process

The Seed pelleting machine by Seed Processing Holland is ideal for the conventional pelleting of seeds to make them better to sow. In other words, turning an oddly shaped seed into a perfectly shaped seed ready for germination and growth. By adding liquid and powders, the seeds are made more uniform, heavier, and as round as possible.

Boasting a polished stainless steel pan, this unit is designed with an opening that enables operators to visually follow the entire process and feed the necessary liquids and powders. A light fixture is further mounted in the pan to enhance its visibility. In order to ensure proper ventilation, a transparent dust suction hood is designed at the opening as well.

A compressed air spraying nozzle is also positioned near the opening of the steel plan, allowing operators to spray liquids on the seeds. Lastly, this unit boasts a maximum capacity of 1,000,000 pellets of 3.5mm and is suitable for different kind of seeds, including small flower seeds and larger vegetable seeds.


  • Stainless steel design ensures reliability and longevity
  • Spraying nozzle evenly sprays the liquid on the seeds
  • Transparent dust suction hood ensures a clean environment