Seed Centrifuge Small

When drying extracted, disinfected, or primed seeds, the process can be very long, as they have high water content. Using a centrifuge that first removes the excess moisture from the surface of the seeds can reduce the drying time by hours.

Semi-automated spin-dryer for removing excess water from seeds

The Seed centrifuge small DRP-4000 from Seed Processing Holland is a centrifugal spin dryer. This equipment works on the centrifugal principle and removes the excess moisture around the seed surface. The time of centrifuging is adjustable from several seconds to minutes. A spray nozzle is mounted in the lid for rinsing during centrifuging and is activated by means of a ball valve. The valve from the machine must be connected to a water source. When centrifuging, the released water is drained through the rear of the machine. The DRP-4000 is used for centrifuging bare seeds or seeds in closed mesh bags and it is suitable for small and medium-sized manufacturers.


  • Up to 20.5 kg of wet seeds in a seed drum
  • Drying time reduced by hours
  • Adjustable revolution speed
  • Convenient size dimensions: 870×650×860 mm
  • Suitable after extraction, disinfection, and priming processes

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