Rotary bag packers for valve bags

Quick filling of bags while avoiding leakage out of the top of a bag can be challenging on high speed production lines. These rotary bag packers are quick and efficient.

Fill bags continuously, without spillage

Paglierani’s rotary bag packers can fill valve bags that prevent spillage during the process. Valve bags use an open sleeve within the bag to fill the product. Once full, the bag material pushes against this sleeve so that it functions as a valve and shuts the bag, effectively closing it tightly at the top.

With a variable number of filling heads, this rotary packer is made with Italian precision and built-in monitoring and control. Being modular in design, it can easily be integrated into a production line.


  • High speed automated filling
  • Reduces waste
  • Reliable, with easy maintenance
  • Suitable for operation even in aggressive environments
  • Compliant with international safety regulations

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