Roll mill for coffee beans

When you want flexibility to grin beans for filter coffee to Turkish coffee at particle sizes ranging from 50 to 125 µm,  a professional roll mill may be just what you need.

Ultimate control over the particle size of your powdered coffee

The new IBO-600 Roll Mill from Toper R&D is  a Roll mill for coffee beans. It offers the perfect solution for uniform particle size and high-precision ultra-fine grinding. With extra high-quality mechanical components and perfect heat control, it provides 24 hours non-stop operation with the same grinding quality. The water-cooled grinding rolls ensure coffee beans’ grinding temperature to remain below 40°C at all times.


  • Precise grinding and uniform particle size
  • Non-stop operation
  • Consistency in taste, size and sense
  • Precise uniformity and softness of the particles
  • Preservation of volatile oils and aroma in a premium condition due to its consistent low temperature