Robot palletizer

Palletize up to 1,800 large industrial bags per hour at a multi-pick-up configuration.

The most efficient robotic cells for any palletizing need

The RPL SERIES robot palletizers from Premier Tech Chronos have combined the innovative engineering and control capabilities with leading-edge bag preparation. These robots can palletize up to 1,800 bags per hour at a multi-pick-up configuration.

The heavy duty robotic cell can simultaneously gather bags, bales or containers from many different incoming product lines. This robot palletizer is compatible with all common standard industrial pallets. All our equipment is PLC controlled with user-friendly human-machine interfaces. The RPL SERIES can handle boxes, bundles, cases, cans, drums, trays, bags, bales etc.


  • Palletizer has a wide flexibility
  • It has low maintenance requirements
  • Can be configured to fit in confined spaces
  • Heavy duty robotic cell

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