Reclaim crusher

Waste products and rejected materials are inevitably generated from any gypsum products manufacturing process. This efficiency can be greatly reduced however, with the use of a specialized crusher designed for recycling them back into the production process.

A recycling crusher specifically designed for the gypsum processing industry

Claudius Peters’ Reclaim Crusher is a milling machine specifically designed for processing wet and dry waste products from the gypsum processing industry into materials that can be blended with raw gypsum and re-introduced into the primary production process. The unit consists of a heavy duty housing and two independently rotating screws. The slow rotation action of the screws breaks the materials into pieces ideally suited for further processing into gypsum products. Each screw’s rotation is reversible and is controlled by a shaft mounted gearbox and variable frequency drive motor.


  • Reduce waste and improve efficiency of gypsum product manufacturing processes
  • Screws are reversible and rotation speed is controllable
  • A recycling crusher designed specifically for the gypsum processing industry by a company familiar with gypsum processing stages and raw material requirements

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