Purified water storage tank

Many pharmaceutical and cosmetic production lines require holding vessels for the storage of liquids including purified water, sterile and non-sterile solutions, and more. Storage tank solutions need to be robust, easy to clean and sterilize, long-lasting, and ideally with additional features like sampling outputs and total drainability.

High quality holding tanks, buffer vessels and containers

Ipros manufacture a range of high quality storage and holding tanks, designed specifically to meet the complex needs of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Engineered to your exact specifications, the vessels are available in either vertical or horizontal configuration, and can be specified for use under atmospheric pressure or as pressure vessels operating in the range of 1 to 10 bar.

Ipros have designed their storage tanks to be suitable for CIP/SIP, and are engineered to be completely drainable. They are also manufactured to have no dead legs within the vessel and its inputs/outputs, removing a contamination risk and allowing total SIP of the entire liquid flow routes.

All Ipros tanks and vessels are fitted with sample take-off points to your specification, and they are equipped with diaphragm valves for reliability and minimal maintenance.


  • Bespoke tanks, vessels and containers for your exact requirements
  • Vertical or horizontal configurations available
  • Fully CIP/SIP compatible, completely drainable, no dead legs
  • High performance diaphragm valves throughout