Pre-packed and pre-validated chromatography columns

In chromatography, you must always take into account the apparatus that is being utilized for particular processes to maximize success and limit the waste of resources. This makes disposable chromatography columns the ideal choice as they are made specifically for platform technologies and project campaign processing. Furthermore, small-scale development work or rapid scaled-down manufacturing are often performed by Single Use Prepacked Radial (SUPR) columns which are used to closely mimic full-scale radial processes that allow for a cost-effective quality outcome.

Single-use and Pre-packed columns for small development

The Single-Use-Pre-packed Radial columns (SURP columns) of Proxcys come in custom sizes ranging between lab volumes of 60ml and process size of 375L column volume with a flowrate of 0,005L – 200L per minute. The full cGMP compliant pilot or process column allows for fast processing in a plug-and play-mode. This means that there is no need for physical device configuration or user intervention in resolving resource conflicts when installed.

Pre-packed and qualified columns are available for use for extended periods in campaigns or dedicated projects. Once they serve their purpose, their unique disposable cartridge design helps towards minimizing waste and saving costs.

The SURP disposable column technology is available across various bed heights between 2 and 20cm and column volumes of up to 200L. The selected columns can be safely packed and qualified through the Proxcys packing report alongside the resin of choice.


  • Lightweight
  • No design-pressure overkill
  • The columns have an inlet and an outlet on top for easy operation
  • Reduced waste through the unique disposable cartridge design