Pre-made cup filler for salad dressings

Pre-made cup fillers are mostly used by food companies to assist in the mass production of salad dressings, sauces, spreads, dips, and dairy products. These pre-made cups help keep the food fresh, extend shelf life, and make it easier to eat salads and saucy foods. However, when it comes to product safety, it’s essential to use a quality machine that ensures complete sterilization and is in compliance with all the latest hygiene standards.

Quickly and safely fills cups for sauces and dressings

The DFB-C, designed by Wick Machinery, boasts a filling range of 1 to 1000 ml and can deliver an output of up to 400 cups per minute. It features a cup dispenser, film die and foil cutters, and a heat-sealing station to prevent spillage. It also has a sealing station for pressed caps and allows product-specific filling.

Moreover, this model boasts several different application-specific dosage systems, enabling users to fill products with different toppings or layered products. Lastly, it can also be attached to screw stations designed for special cups and labeling machines, enabling users to print the expiry date on the pre-made cups. The DFB-C is also ideal for multi-component filling, such as six-layer dips and products with two or three toppings.


  • Product-specific filling makes it suitable for individual requirements
  • Heat-sealing station reduces food residues
  • Hygienic design simplifies the cleaning process
  • Application-specific dosage system ensures smooth and accurate filling

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