Powder transfer system

Loading powder from a container source to vessels, tanks, or mixers that are under pressure may be hazardous as it tends to explode due to electrostatic charging from collision of the powder particles. Controlling the batch loading of powder particles avoids the risk of explosion and integrating this system into other loading processes can increase safety, hygiene, and production output.

Loading powders in vessels safely by using both pressure and vacuum

The PTS powder transfer system from Dec, is a system that uses pressure and vacuum to transfer dry or wet powder and granules from a source to the loading access of vessels, tanks, or reactors. These include very fine powders (<1 micron), wet and cohesive powders (above 50% wetness, as well as low MIE powders (<1 mJ). The system drives the powder into the vessels with no product retention, no particle damage, no segregation, and very low electrostatic charging. It is equipped with a filtration concept using a flat membrane that enables dense phase conveying at a low velocity of 1-3m/s and powder concentrations of 50 to 150 kg powder per kg air. It is also available in an explosion-proof design that can handle 10 bars. The system is hygienic and easy to clean with no need for dismantling.


  • Safe transfer of different powders (sticky, fine, non-free-flowing, humid, etc.)
  • Hygienic PTS design allows full CIP/SIP operation
  • Safe transport of toxic products or explosive dust powder
  • Handles powder effectively (no product retention, particle damage, segregation)
  • Easy to clean (No need for dismantling)
  • ATEX compliant