Powder pressing mould

Traditional powder pressing moulds are based on plain shapes or basic designs. In order to differentiate products, new and innovative mould-making technologies are available. A modern mould pattern can introduce complexities including multi-coloured moulding and relief moulding, enhancing the consumer appeal of cosmetic products and distinguishing them from competitors.

Cosmetics moulds design and construction

Lorenzato is a world-leader in high quality pressing moulds for the cosmetics industry. Their technological innovations include the use of 3D CAD systems to produce moulds of precision previously unavailable to cosmetic products.

A wide range of mould-types is possible using the latest techniques, including laser engraving. The moulds are constructed to the highest standards, increasing product quality and consistency.

It’s now possible to design powder moulds with two or more colours with grills or inserts, differentiating your products and allowing a simple way to produce limited editions or special occasion products.


  • Highest quality press moulds from a world-leader in the field
  • All mould types available, from smooth to multi-coloured with inserts and more
  • Advanced 3D production techniques offer unparalleled detail
  • Laser engraved moulds are also available

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