Potato Blanching Machine

Potato blanching in an industrial or commercial kitchen within the right amount of time and at the right blanching temperature preserves their flavor. It also keeps their texture, and color, making them ready for cooking. For that, a blanching machine is used to help you get rid of the skin, eliminate bacteria and microorganisms in a short time while keeping the natural colour of your products.

Blanching Machine: Scalding and boiling potatoes for further processing

The Kappa Scalding blanching machine from Frigojollinox is a tank for blanching vegetables like potatoes and for boiling food products such as potato chips. The blanching machine tank can boil or steam potatoes up to 100 degrees Celsius. using its integrated gas burner with an electromechanical panel for controls. It is made of stainless-steel materials, including a reinforced stainless-steel basket for vegetable loading, and unloading. It also has a simple manual system for filling water or other liquid used. This specialised blanching equipment is available in three different tank capacities, 163 liters, 240 liters, and 370 liters.

Blanching is a different process to what a regular frying machine would do. Whilst frying cooks the food, blanching is used as a food preparation step. What this will do for potatoes is generally loosen the skin which makes peeling them a lot easier. This is especially useful if the potatoes will be further processed using a peeling machine. The same goes for other vegetables as well as nuts. Blanching is also used to improve the colour of vegetables but to also soften them. Furthermore, the blanching process is very quick and usually lasts no longer than 60 seconds, depending on the quantity being added. Vegetables (including potatoes) can be blanched in either hot oil or boiling water. When making french fries, it is very common for them to be blanched in hot/boiling water.


  • Easy loading basket
  • Boiling and steaming functionality
  • Simple water filling system
  • Tank capacity 163 – 240 – 370 lt