Plate sealing blister machine

Blister packaging is the preferred choice for most large-scale pharmaceutical lines, and a plate sealing machine offers the benefits of working particularly well on larger web widths giving more flexibility in the choice of blister layout. The plate seal provides uniform pressure, which is vital for paper-backed structures. By choosing a plate sealing machine that can be configured to your exact requirements you will be able to see a rapid return on investment.

Automatic plate sealing blister machine with wide range of options

The RM series from FamarTec is suitable for medium-to-high production. The RM machines are offered in different versions to meet your exact requirements.

The RM 250 has an intermittent mechanical motion. The RM 1025 uses all servo motors and a balcony construction. RM 350 is the latest generation and now offers complete brushless motor drive throughout.

Designed specifically for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, the RM series can handle web up to 350mm and pitch up to 300mm. All models in the RM range can handle a variety of packaging materials, including PVC/ALU, ALU/ALU, Paper/ALU, Tyvek, and more.

A wide range of optional extras can be fitted to the RM plate sealers. Options include a vibrating pre-feeding hopper, dedicated or universal automatic feeding, camera for blister pack inspection with automatic ejection system, checking system for micro holes in forming aluminium, printing of coding/batch number with stamps, ink-jets or other systems, and cross-punching of blister packs.

In common with other FamarTec products, the RM series is supplied with remote online support as standard. Engineers can diagnose issues online, reducing the need for site visits and minimising downtime associated with breakdowns.


  • Ideal for high-volume production up to 500 blisters per minute
  • Full range of options to meet your exact production requirements
  • Highly flexible in the choice of blister pack cavity layout
  • Designed and built to full GMP standards suitable for pharmaceutical production
  • Remote support feature allows immediate online support, reducing downtime