Plasmid process pack for your pDNA purification process

When developing a pDNA purification process for eventual transfer into production, efficient examination and selection of protocols is critical.

Develop plasmid purification procedures quickly

BIA Separations’ CIMmultus™ HiP2 Plasmid Process Pack™ is intended to help scientists easily develop their pDNA purification process and transfer it to production.

Allowing developers to select only the relevant parts of the recommended protocol that best fits their needs, the pack saves time and money on all scales.

The CIMmultus™ HiP2 Plasmid Process Pack™ contains one weak anion-exchange (DEAE) and one hydrophobic (C4 HLD) column and a protocol describing the purification procedure of specific plasmids.



  • Adaptable to any purification procedure
  • Detailed instructions supplied
  • Saves time in experimental phase
  • Cuts development costs