Pharmaceutical rotary labeling machine for vials

Small, cylindrical-shaped glass bottles or vials are mainly used for vaccines and other pharmaceutical liquids that can be drawn into syringes. These vials need to be labeled to provide accurate information about the product’s specifications. However, when it comes to labeling round objects, the entire process is extremely time-consuming and requires a lot of manpower.

Apply labels on pharmaceutical bottles and vials quickly and easily

Etima’s MR-H is specifically designed for cylindrical container such as vials, tubes, handling in the biopharmaceutical sector. Ensuring reliability and simplicity, it labels, inspects, and manages the data needed to fulfill the requirements of every client. Conceived for outputs as high as 18,000 units per hour, this customized-machinery can be adjusted to suit the needs of each client.

Designed with NOVEXX labeling heads, the ETIMA PHARMA MR-H delivers high performance and can apply labels in a continuous 24/7 operation. Its advanced technology further allows easy product inspection, serialization, and OCR/OCV printing. The Optical Character Verification and Optical Character Recognition software further inspects and confirms the legibility and quality of the text.


  • Reliable and straightforward integration in packaging lines
  • Works off-line or tray-to-tray, making setup quick and easy
  • Low maintenance cost reduces expenses
  • NOVEXX labeling heads and innovative design make it easy and simple to operate

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