Pharmaceutical pure steam generator

Dry, saturated steam can be used to sterilise pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The water should be sufficiently pure after condensation for use in intravenous applications, as well as non-parenteral treatments applied externally to the body.

Pure Steam Meeting USP Standards for Injection Water

The BRAM-COR CSPG pure steam generator turns purified water, or water for injections, into pure steam. This steam complies with USP requirements for injection water when re-condensed. It is also suitable for equipment sterilization, as well as when preparing a wide range of parenteral and non-parenteral dosages.

Purified water – or water for injections – is fed into the generator and heated using industrial steam. However, this can also be achieved using superheated water, or energy from an electrical power supply. Following this, steam purification is by centrifugal and gravity separation.

This pure steam generator uses a single boiling column and a double tube sheet heat exchanger.  The automated touchscreen control panel accepts digital and analogue values. Thereafter, an automated unit manages automatic sequences according to user selections.

BRAM-COR CSPG industrial steam is in the range of 7.9 to 2.0 bars. Capacity varies from 44 to 17,600 pounds per hour, or 20 to 8,000 kilograms.


  • Flexibility of using purified, superheated or injection water
  • Outputs pure dry, saturated steam
  • Runs on steam or electric power
  • Simple, single boiling column technology
  • Variable output across a wide range controls cost