Industrial food processor for cooking ready meals in different consistencies

In food industry production, the development and production of ready-meal recipes is enhanced by the use of a combination food processor with rapid cooking and advanced automated preparation processes. High quality machines produce excellent results that are repeatable thanks to in-built recipe memory functions.

Complete solution for ready meals with advanced features and ease of use

The Roboqbo Qbo series is the perfect choice for developing and producing ready meals. It’s available in a range of sizes to suit your exact requirements, from large production scale, through to small-scale use for R&D or for farms and other niche producers.

The Qbo series is extremely simple to use with a 10.1” touchscreen control panel featuring proprietary Roboqbo software that allows processes to be fully automated and recipes to be stored and recalled. It’s available in capacities from 8 to 500 litres to provide the perfect fit for your requirements.

The Qbo’s advanced automated processing features mean that ready meals of different consistencies can be prepared, mixed and cooked with ease.

The units feature a built-in steam generator with energy saving technology and condensate recovery. This Advanced Power Steam (APS) unit is completely sealed and requires no maintenance. Perfect, even, and extremely rapid cooking is possible thanks to this APS heating system, where the taste and nutritional properties of your ready-meal ingredients are preserved. The jacketed bowl can be heated up to 120°C as well as cooled using the built-in water system, speeding up the process of getting your ready-meals prepared for packaging or further processing.

The entire system as well as the bowl can be sealed for both vacuum and pressure cooking processes, offering even more scope for ready-meals containing larger chunks of ingredients that need even cooking.

Cleanup and maintenance is simplified with automatic Clean in Place (CIP) features including an automatic wash programme and separate steam nozzle for external cleaning.


  • Completely self-contained system to handle all ready-meal processes
  • Advanced recipe development features and automation
  • Full INOX 316L stainless construction for strength and hygiene
  • Rapid processing that maintains nutrients, tastes and textures in your ready-meals
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit your exact requirements