Industrial fine milling equipment for nuts

In a bakery environment fruit jams are often used for the decoration or filling of a wide range of pastries and other baked goods. Making fruit jams in-house to your own recipe and consistency is an excellent way to reduce costs and improve quality. A combination food processor allows for the fully automated production of high quality jams with consistent results time after time.

Fast speed milling with high level particle size control

This machine series is the perfect choice for developing and producing fruit jams for use with pastries and other baked goods.

Suitable for all sizes of bakery, from small independent to large-scale production, this series is available in a range of capacities from 8 to 550 litres, to perfectly suit your scale of operations.

This is extremely simple to use thanks to its ten inch touchscreen that runs own custom software. This allows all jam-making processes to be completely automated, and allows large numbers of recipes to be stored and recalled.

Perfect for delicate fruit jams, the entire system can be sealed to allow both vacuum and pressure cooking processes. The jacketed bowl can be heated up to 120°C, as well as cooled using the built-in water system, allowing perfect temperature control with rapid heating and cooling. Optional chiller unit is also available for speciality products.