Modular biogas to biomethane system

The primary purpose of biogas upgrading technology is to increase the volumetric energy content to enhance the quality of gas through CO2 removal. This process is essential for alternative vehicle fuel and natural gas pipeline injection. Although chemical solvent scrubbing and pressurized water scrubbing are widely used biogas upgrading technologies, newer technologies have broken through that lower costs, decrease environmental footprint, and improve efficiencies. One such technology is membrane separation.

Achieve the highest possible biomethane yield

PurePac Compact by Bright Biomethane is a sustainable and compact biogas upgrading system. Its compressor and membrane separation mechanism are designed into one 40 ft. container, whereas the pre-treatment is situated outside the housing. It can be easily integrated with existing biogas plants from sewage sludge or food industry waste processing.

After the biogas goes through the pre-treatment unit, it is compressed to a required pressure, making it ready for membrane separation. Ideal for upgrading 65 to 400 Nm3/hr of biogas to biomethane, this modular biogas to biomethane system can be used for the production of vehicular fuel and gas grid injection. The system also offers the option of adding a CO2 recovery system for the production of food-grade carbon dioxide.

PurePac Compact enables operators to start and stop the machine at their convenience with virtually no wasted energy consumption and minimal methane loss.


  • Ideal for bio-CNG, grid injection, and food-grade CO2
  • Heat optimal, heat recovery
  • More than 99.5% methane recovery
  • Remote control monitoring ensures ease of use