Metal detector for tablets and capsules

Identification of metallic contaminants is a vital part of pharmaceutical quality control. Traditional metal detection equipment can suffer from a lack of sensitivity, requiring a slow line speed. In large scale facilities, interference from other equipment can also require special shielding to avoid reductions in sensitivity. A metal detection system specifically designed for production-level pharmaceuticals can provide superb sensitivity and accuracy while increasing product throughput.

High-sensitivity, high-precision pharmaceutical metal detector

The THS/PH21 from Ceia is a cutting-edge metal detection and rejection solution for tablets and capsules in pharmaceutical industry.

The equipment has been designed from the ground-up to be immune to radio frequencies and electromagnetic interference common to production facilities.

Fully FDA compliant, THS/PH21 directly commands rejection of the contaminated product and fully verifies its removal. Full digital logging and password protection ensures complete compliance with data security and traceability requirements.

Portable design with up to 500 product profiles, selectable by local programming or network software and up to 10,000 storable events gives the THS/PH21 optimum flexibility to be deployed in multi-product environments.

Continuous auto-checking and auto-calibration with automatic data recording always maintain optimum sensitivity.

The high contrast LCD display and stainless steel keyboard make parameter entry and operation monitoring straightforward.


  • Rugged construction from 316l stainless steel for longevity
  • Able to detect ferrous, non-ferrous or stainless steel, even in tiny quantities
  • Fully FDA compliant, with in-built security and data control
  • Automatic rejection with a variety of in-feed options
  • Network connections for total traceability logging