Mascara filling machine

For smaller production volumes, a fully automatic filling solution for mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss and similar products is not cost-effective. A modern filling machine range that provides for both automatic and semi-automatic production as well as focuses on accuracy and quality, offers the perfect balance between performance and cost.

Innovative mascara filling system for medium-volume and batch production

The Venus range from CMI Industries is a highly efficient solution for the accurate filling of mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner, liquid foundation and similar products.

Thoughtfully designed, the semi-automatic version of Venus features two ergonomic operator stations, one on each side, to maximise manual loading operations with improved operator comfort and working space. Larger versions offer automatic pick and place loading.

Designed for multi-format lines, the Venus is extremely easy to adjust for product-size changeover and uses innovative features including a pull-out filling unit.

To improve filling, the Venus uses a vacuum system. This avoids leaks and minimises product oxidation while providing a perfect seal between the container and inserted wiper.

Control is by way of dual touchscreens, one per operating side, with a multifunction display and a 99-product recipe memory. All Venus models feature an integrated modem to allow quick and efficient remote diagnosis and assistance.


  • Semi-auto option for batch production, or fully-auto for larger scale to suit your needs
  • Rapid changeover, ideal for lines that produce multiple products of different formats
  • Vacuum filling system maximises product quality and minimises leakage and waste
  • Remote fault diagnosis and troubleshooting minimises downtime