Makeup blusher compacting machine

When producing high-quality compressed powder cosmetics, control of the pressing process is vital for product quality. A dedicated semi-automatic compacting machine with full control of the pressing cycle will ensure perfect, repeatable results every time for small-scale production of powder pans.

Semi-automatic compressor for a range of cosmetic powders

The LM series from Lorenzato are dedicated pressing machines for powdered cosmetics, such as eyeshadow, blushers, and face powders.

Robustly constructed from 304 stainless, the LM range has been designed for longevity and easy cleaning and maintenance.

A touchscreen panel enables for complete pressure regulation, allowing the machine to be used with a range of products.

Fully certified safety protection systems ensure no unwanted activation of the pressing caps.

Integrated lubrication systems for all sliding parts, extending working life and improving performance.

Up to 10 different pressing cycles can be programmed, and a long upstroke adaptation is available for use with double moulds. Options include cloth unroller unit and remote assistance features.


  • A range of powder compactors to suit your exact needs
  • A full suite of safety features removes accident risk
  • Stainless and chromed steel construction for easy hygiene
  • Full touchscreen control with programmable press cycles
  • Built-in lubrication systems reduce maintenance

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