Magnetic agitator

Reliable mixing and agitation are essential to any quality production process that involves a fluid. This need is even more acute in the production of pharmaceutical products where utmost precision and consistency are required. Experienced biopharmaceutical manufacturers know that equipment designed for general industry use often falls short of the tight quality and hygienic standards of our industry and that producers who embrace high quality pharmaceutical grade equipment will have an advantage over competitors.

Precise and powerful magnetically coupled agitation designed for superior hygiene and customized to your vessel and process needs

Mavag AG is a world leader in production of shaftless magnetic agitators for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The company’s smaller scale and focus on their tradition of Swiss craftsmanship ensuring the impeccable product quality that customers need. The MavaDrive magnetic agitators are a series of agitators made by Mavag AG that use a magnetic coupling between the drive motor which is outside the process vessel and the agitator unit which is inside the containment vessel. The coupling is achieved using powerful permanent magnets attached to the agitator components on either side of the vessel wall. The magnets create a field that travels through the vessel wall and transmits mechanical power from the motor to the agitator without penetrating the wall. Thus removing a potential source of contamination and leakage due to the difficulty of sealing the containment vessel around a traditional rotating shaft. The units use high quality ceramic bearings in the agitator head to limit required maintenance. They are highly configurable with options available for top and bottom mounting to the containment vessel and in available torques from 0.5 to 250 Nm. Many agitator designs are available and Mavag AG can use specialized software and engineering to select the optimal agitator for your vessel and application.


  • Requires no penetration of containment vessel
  • Ceramic bearings for minimal wear and required maintenance
  • Designed for ease of cleaning
  • Top and bottom mount configurations available
  • Many customization options with software and engineering support from a world renowned team of experts