Liquid fertilizer filling and capping monobloc

Production lines for bottling liquid products such as liquid fertilizer, require a lot of space to accommodate a system for filling bottles and another system for capping depending on production capacity. A cost and space-efficient solution would be to have a single filling and capping system that can do both processes.

Filling liquid products and capping bottled containers in a single line

The Linear Monobloc from Rejves machinery is a two-in-one system that can fill and cap bottles in linear configuration for better flexibility in managing multiple products. It combines the ease of use in terms of changeover and access to the machine. This system can be equipped with various filling technologies available such as flow meters, mass dosers for oils and creams, and piston pumps for handling high viscosity products. Linear filling and capping system can be mono head, but it can also be customized to multiple head cappers. Production capacity for this system can go as high as 120 bottles per minute.


  • Two-in-one system
  • Smaller footprint
  • High production capacity at 120 bottles per minute
  • Accessible parts for changing formats

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