Large-scale biomethane production system

Membrane separation technology for biogas purification is considered as an effective alternative to combined heat and power system due to the decrease in electricity prices as well as in the demand for electricity and heat. Most importantly, the purified biogas production, also known as biomethane or renewable natural gas, utilizes the biogas produced from organic waste streams, which turns waste into energy. It is thus a sustainable solution to fossil fuels.

Ensures low maintenance costs and low energy consumption

A patented design by Bright Biomethane, PurePac Medium is an incredibly effective and relatively compact biogas upgrading system. The membrane separation modules are designed to fit inside a single 40 ft. container, while the compressor and pre-treatment mechanism are situated outside the housing.

Boasting a three-stage membrane arrangement, the system’s patented and innovative design achieves an incredibly efficient methane recovery of more than 99.5%, with a methane slip of less than 0.5%.  Since it uses highly selective membranes, with high separation efficiency, it is able to achieve the highest possible methane yield.

The membrane unit separates the gas by applying an imposed pressure difference over the membrane, which results in two different gas streams. One is a CO2-rich gas, and the other is a product gas that has a high methane value. The model is ideal for upgrading 400 to 1000 Nm3/hr of biogas to biomethane and can be used for the production of vehicle fuel or for gas grid injection. A CO2 recovery system can be added to the unit, enabling the production of food-grade carbon dioxide.



  • No chemicals or water required in the process
  • Achieves an operational availability of more than 97%
  • Standardized, modular unit is extremely easy to install