Large capacity confectionary mixer

The foaming process determines the quality of various confectionery products, from marshmallows and foam kisses to waffles and biscuit dough. Depending on the fluid ingredients used, each product requires different foaming times. A mixing system must provide the flexibility to process aeration and foaming for the widest variety of products quickly and consistently.

Effective and precise mixing of a large number of ingredients with various mixing heads

The Uni Mix, from Hansa Mixer, is a high-capacity flexible mixing system for large-scale  production. The system allows 3 or more eccentric screw pumps mounted in its solid stainless steel frame or on a separate rack. A frequency converter regulates the output of the pump and RPM adjustment of the mixing head. The mixing head is available in various configurations to accommodate different mixture applications. The sealing material of the mixing head is a non-contacting HANSA shaft seal gas,  preventing the medium from penetrating sealed parts during downtime. The machine ensures precise mixtures with a series of automatic regulating systems, such as volumetric or gravimetric flow sensors, foam height regulation, and temperature-controlled mixing heads.

Gas metering can be done manually through a needle valve or automatically through a gas controller, which regulates the volume of gas based on product flow for constant foam weights. The Uni Mix has a solid stainless steel frame with caster wheels and the mechanical components are accessible through lockable sheet-metal plates. Thanks to its compact dimensions and all-around fluid mixing capabilities, including the foaming process, the system allows more flexibility and productivity while reducing costs. The machine has a multi-stage air filtering system that protects measuring devices and helps maintain standard product quality.


  • High output from 650 – 1,300 kg/hr to 600 – 10,000 kg/h
  • Expandable output range using the optional separately driven mixing head
  • HANSA shaft seal gas prevents the medium from entering sealed parts
  • Caster wheels allow mobility
  • Accessible components through sheet-metal plates

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