Laboratory conical screw vacuum dryer

The laboratory conical screw vacuum dryer is particularly suitable for the final drying of powders, granules, pastes and viscous slurries especially when they are brittle and/or temperature-sensitive. Useful during research and development when only a few grams of a new substance are available. Ideally suited for testing pharmaceutical products, pesticides, sterile APIs, chemically produced toner and cocoa.

Test drying processes for sensitive products

The 5-liter conical vacuum dryer from Hosokawa Micron is used for drying off heat-sensitive materials at typical 10 – 20 mbar absolute pressure in a batch process, this orbital vacuum dryer is the right tool for laboratory-scale experiments. It can handle pasty products, cakes or high viscosity slurries and delivers reliable attempts or simulations of drying and mixing. Suitable for powders, granules, pastes, viscous slurries, heavy and sticky products. Specially designed for heat-sensitive products or products that contain solvents that are toxic or explosive. It can also be used for vacuum operations such as reaction/crystallization, heating/cooling, sterilization, liquid/solid separation and de-aeration.



  • Efficient drying of loose powders to heavy pastes and viscous liquids
  • Full compliance with international standards (FDA, cGMP, EHEDG)
  • Automated cleaning solutions with our patented CIP filter and CIP skids
  • Sterile processing (SIP)
  • Universal batch dryer