Labeling machine for ampoules

It’s essential for pharmaceutical companies to provide the highest quality ampoules to customers and to maintain a high status in regards to quality provisions as well. The labeling on tubes and syringes helps healthcare workers accurately determine drug batch numbers, administration, expiry date, and other important medical information. However, accurately labeling syringes and tubes is often an extremely time-consuming process.

Apply self-adhesive labels quickly and precisely

Designed to apply self-adhesive pre-printed labels, the ETIMA PHARMA ERN is ideal for flat surfaces, oval containers, truncated cone, unstable cylindrical, and slightly conical containers. It is designed with up to 5 labeling heads and boasts an output of up to 25,000 containers/hour.

The base of the labeling machine is designed with a round footprint for quick and easy access, while its protection cabin features vertical lift doors to ensure ease of use. Lastly, the machine allows the integration of verification or inspection systems and market printing systems, further ensuring greater flexibility.


  • Guarantees high standards of safety, accessibility, productivity, and quality
  • Different labeling heads for different requirements
  • Efficiently rejects defective containers
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning processes